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Panoramic view of Bouzas Dock Repair

In the middle of the repair dock in Bouzas, one step away from the main communication channels, Vigra, S.L. has a modern fuctional plant where, apart from our offices and stores, we have our sandblasting cabin, painting cabins, bridge cranes, ovens, loading and unloading plataforms… elements which guarantee a correct manipulation of pieces and materials... All the infraestructure necessary to satisfy each and every one of your needs: sandblasting and painting scheme applicaions for construction and boiler elements, car bodywork, engines, masts, silos, petrol tanks, pipes, sandblasting for sawed serrated or old stone, wood, aluminim, steel,…

We adapt to each and every case and circunstance. All of our experience and services are at your entire disposal.

Vigra S.L. Viguesa de Granallados
Repair Dock in Bouzas. Warehouse 8
P.O.B. 2015 VIGO - Pontevedra (SPAIN)
     Lat.: 42° 13' 45.97" N
     Long.: 8° 45' 15.36" W

Vigra S.L. 2007. legal notice