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We have more than 10 years experience in this sector, both in the sandblasting walls and those of hisotrical value, as well as atmospheric, paint or tarred coatings for buildings or dwellings.
For this type of work we supply water techniques at low, medium or high pressure, with abrasive or natural minerals stone or concrete punctured in situ. Sandblasting of cor-ten and inox. Structures or sculptures.
We also provide mobile teams for graffiti elimination on any surface, analysing and giving advice on the best technique to be used in each case, using techniques such as pressurized water, biodegradable products or sandblasting.
Application of antigraffiti products. Application of every type of paint and epoxi mortars, water or disolvent based, sanitary, fireproof, paving of the following types, decorative or antiskid in markets, shopping centers, industrial kitchens, emergency exits,stairs…


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