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For the more and more complex and evolutionary industrial sector, it is essential to offer the specific solutions which the modern times and the normative demand. Vigra, S.L. offers the widest range of services for such a complex sector. Our services range from preparation and anticorrosive, preventive, sanitary and fireproff treatments.

To the most complex solutions of industrial maintenance and cleaning supervised by a normative technical control (frosio inspectors). Precise applications in constructive installations, productive methods, public service infraestructures, structures and tanks, industrial cranes of every type…. A philosophy of an integral service which entails preliminary diagnosis, viability of project, planning, advise and contribution of solutions. This is how we consider our company and our solid vocation of service.

We offer the most specific and innovative range of services within the industrial sector for treatment and specifications of surfaces: preventions, special high thikness specificacitons, sanitary and fireproof treatments using a vanguard normative technology. Sanitary scheme painting treatments for tanks , drinking water piping and elements or areas which are in need of treatment in accordance with the provisions of what is stipulated in Article 1 of R.D. 2825/1981 of the 27th of november promulgated the department ministry of health and consumption.

Treatments which require a high grade of sandblasting and a careful application in layers under a rigurous process with technical control.

Preparation of surfaces
Limpieza, desengrasado, eliminación de poros o proyecciones, redondeo de aristas vivas, repasado de soldaduras, rascado, picado, cepillado o chorreado con todo tipo de abrasivos de forma manual o semiautomático en zonas horizontales.

Preparation of surfaces
Cleaning, degreasing, elemination of pores, projection, rounding off of live edges, revision of welding, scraping, brushing or all types of sandblasting either manually or semiautomatic in horizontal zones.
Application of all types of paints (water-based or dissolvent-based).
Cleaning of all type of machines, in the food sector (preserves, piscicultural, meat, viticultural….


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