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With the intention of attending an urgent necessity in the nautical sector we have focused on this sector to form an excellent team to solve any doubts that you may have served as an i+d centre to form a professional team specialized in the nautical sector.

  • Cleaning and degassing of petrol, gas-oil, fuel-oil, butane or propane tanks among others, issuing a certificate once they have been verified and approved by the qualified technicians.
  • Integral cleaning of crafts. We have the most modern machinery for this purpose such as hydrowashing mahcines low, medium, high and ultra-high pressure, or cryogenic cleaning (dry ice).
  • Polishing and shining.
  • All types of sandblasting, carbon steel, inox., copper, nickel or iron scum, garnet, olivine, corundum, glass or sodium bicarbonate. In fibre hulls we can remove layer by layer until we reach our objetive without damagine the hull. In order to do this we have sprayers whit more than 10 years experience in this application.
  • Application of paints
  • Application of fibre
  • Application of antifouling: selfpolishers, ranging from hard ones to the most modern, for example antifouling performance hydrogel or sylicone.


  • Sandblasting of walls and concrete or stone accesses.
  • Parking areas and barrier painting.
  • Hidrowashing of fingers.
  • Natural oil application for wood.
  • Hubcap application for aluminium.
  • Aluminium or inox. Sandblasting or polishing.
  • Repairment and maintenance of stakes, moornings, chains and floats.
  • Sandblasting, metallization and painting of piles stakes (pipes) in our plant.
  • Internally as well as externally works

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