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A long trajectory and experience guarantee the best integral service in surface preparation an treatment in the naval sector.

From sandblasting and application of all types of paint shemes under a strict technical control. We adapt to each case and circunstance and we put all our expirience at your entire disposal, the best service, safety and respect for the environment.

Preparation of surfaces
Cleaning, degreasing, elimination of pores or projections, rounding off of live edges, revision of welding, scraping, decay, brushing or all types of sandblasting either manually or semiautomatic on decks, passageways, hulls, …
Application of paints
Application off all types of paints (water based or dissolvent base) tank coating, cargo tanks, ballast tanks, potable water tanks, chain boxes, hulls, machine rooms, upper works, underbody, freezing tunnels…
Application of antifouling
selfpolishers, ranging from hard ones to the most modern, for example antifouling performance hydrogel or sylicone.
Antiskid epoxi coatings
in fish station, decks, stairs and in working or unloading areas
Layers of zinc o zinc-aluminio, any piece or part of a vessel may be submitted to this type of layer, particulary the areas of greater agresion dead works, bows tanks, cargo derrick, ...
Integral cleaning of vessel, boilers, fuel tanks, machine rooms, bilges, …
We degas and certify diferent types of tanks, such as gas-oil, fuel oil, oil, …
We have the most modern machines for this purpose, such as the Hydrowashing machines at medium, high and ultra high pressure...
Cryogenic cleaning machines
Monitoring of climatic conditions (climatic control)


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