After 30 years of protecting the future, the idea of recovering and conserving the past is born. In this way we try to help you to revive your memories and part of our history, adapting our methods and knowledge to your necessities, while at the same time helping you to attack every type of corrosion.

Advice on the technique to be used.
Sanblasting of wood, glass, aluminium, cooper, brass and stell, among others. Trough this process, we can produce replicas giving the material a rustic or corroded touch. Some examples of this are wooden beams or planks, work-away glass, oxidized cor-ten steel...
Priming application of long expectancy.
A cleaning process with pyrolisis (this prevents surface warping).
Cryogenic cleaning
Whith sandblasting we are able to remove paint from every type of metal for example:

  • Cars and old motorbikes
  • Farming tools
  • Heating radiators
  • Balconies, galleries and smelted gas lamps, laterns
  • Chairs and tables


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